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  • positive review I love her new book Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid adventure. My two boys are in love with the adorable snails and I love how it tells the story of Joseph…. read more

    Lisa Fear Avatar
    Lisa Fear

    My grandchildren like her books and it helps them understand the Bible stories better

    Amazon C. Avatar
    Amazon C.

    Her books are uplifting and a different aspect to an old story. They make you look at the story again. Bunk and Slinky are cute and unique.

    Cynthia G. Avatar
    Cynthia G.
  • positive review Loved that Donna made these bible stories so fun and easy to understand! I really enjoyed the “glossary” that even more thoroughly described words or phrases used in the… read more

    Lori Campbell Damron Avatar
    Lori Campbell Damron

    Good stuff!! This lovely lady attends our church and is soooo talented!

    BryantCrystal R. Avatar
    BryantCrystal R.

    Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure is a delightful and fun book that keeps you engaged and tells the Bible story with colorful artwork and amazing rhymes! Donna is a gifted… read more

    Cindy M. Avatar
    Cindy M.
  • Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure is wonderful book. That suits for all ages. I think it’s good encouraging and learning how to treat one another.

    Alisha Avatar

    Bink and Slinky’s Christmas Adventure…

    ….Why wasn’t this around when I was a kid??

    What a fresh, charming perspective from which to tell the story of Christ’s birth! Donna’s poetic style is…
    read more

    Brian F. Avatar
    Brian F.

    The boys loved the first Bink and Slinky’s book where they go to the Ark so they were excited to see the snails again in a new adventure. We love… read more

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    Amazon C.
  • positive review The newest Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure is a delight to read. Her retelling of the Biblical story of Joseph is charming and perfect for children. The text is engaging… read more

    Cana Lynn Lingenfelter Avatar
    Cana Lynn Lingenfelter

    positive review The new book Bink & Stinky is a delight too read to my Grand Kids, It relay gets them excited when they see the wonderful illustration.They have mesmerized the words… read more

    Chuck Curtis Avatar
    Chuck Curtis

    We loved Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure, so we were excited to hear about the latest adventure for the snails. The Pyramid Adventure didn’t disappoint. The rhymes were… read more

    mama o. Avatar
    mama o.
  • Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure by Donna Frasinger is a delight to read and has great illustrations that flows with the story. The story itself, has really brought out of… read more

    chuck 4. Avatar
    chuck 4.

    The author has a unique way of taking well-known Bible stories and adding fun and interesting details that provide captivating story lines for kids. I look forward to reading all… read more

    Gayla G. Avatar
    Gayla G.

    positive review Her books are truly a gift from the Lord…they are well written and inspire so many people…I know these are for kids but the adults love them also…I have gotten… read more

    Colleen Rhodes Wagoner Avatar
    Colleen Rhodes Wagoner
  • This is a very creative retelling of a Biblical story that will do very well for young children! The artwork is excellent and the poetic form of the story… read more

    Miss J. Avatar
    Miss J.

    This Bink and Blinky book presents the biblical story of Joseph delightfully retold with beast-fable observers. Highly recommended.

    Donn T. Avatar
    Donn T.

    The story line is Bible based and the lessons learned and shared by these 2 traveling snails are fun to read and will keep the attention of little listeners as… read more

    Mary W. Avatar
    Mary W.
  • positive review These are beautiful children’s book that will be a favorite to be shared over and over!

    Melinda Liby Avatar
    Melinda Liby

    Qyuality constructed book. Lovely illustrations. What an interesting way to help teach little children in a fun way about biblical truths. Really like the life applications in the back.

    Sara K. Avatar
    Sara K.

    Wonderful children’s book that keeps the story alive and memorable with the exciting illustrations and rhyme! Loved it!

    Melinda L. Avatar
    Melinda L.
  • Beautiful story about the Bible’s story of Joesph told through our favorite snails, Bink and Slinky! The life applications in the back of the book is always a favorite… read more

    Susan Avatar

    What could be betterthan a friendly snailto tell Bible tales?TWO pink and blue snailswith such slimy trails!

    Susan Avatar

    I read this book before church this morning, i cannot wait to be able to read to my grandchildren , they are gonna love this as much as i did

    Tina S. Avatar
    Tina S.
  • I’ve read the story of Joseph in Genesis many times but never thought of it from the perspective of two snails named Bink and Slinky until I read BINK AND… read more

    W. T. Avatar
    W. T.

    The newest Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure is a delight to read. Her retelling of the Biblical story of Joseph is charming and perfect for children. The text is engaging… read more

    Cana L. Avatar
    Cana L.

    My girls love the adventures of Bink and Slinky!! And I love reading Donna’s books to my younger audience as well!!

    Amazon C. Avatar
    Amazon C.
  • positive review Donna’s books are from the heart—-she prays about each one and totally draws on God’s creativity within her!!
    Her stories leave you spellbound!! Oh my golly, how will this…
    read more

    Sherry Terry Leininger Avatar
    Sherry Terry Leininger

    The GOOD-its a great book!! Love the author’s unique and fun style of storytelling, the vibrant illustrations, and added bible lessons at the end of the book.The BAD-this book wasn’t… read more

    Amazon C. Avatar
    Amazon C.

    positive review This Bink and Slinky book provides the biblical story of Joseph delightfully retold with beast-fable observers. Highly recommended.

    Donn Taylor Avatar
    Donn Taylor
  • positive review The Bink and Slinky books are a treasure and the kids love them! They are definitely a favorite of ours…

    Kelso Woodco Avatar
    Kelso Woodco

    positive review My wife and I sat in bed last night and read a book together about two slimy snails. I thought, “How can God use a couple of imaginary snails?” Still… read more

    Marc Hamman Avatar
    Marc Hamman

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was fun and an easy read. My kids really liked it😃

    Sarah P. Avatar
    Sarah P.

Bink and Slinky, God’s little messengers, are at it again! Assigned to a secret mission, they find themselves abandoned in a remote shepherd’s field. Will they arrive with God’s other favored guests in time to welcome the Christ Child? Proving that His ways are higher than ours, Donna Arlynn Frisinger answers this question with a sudden jangling of bells in Bink and Slinky’s Christmas Adventure—a rollicking retelling of the Christmas Story as seen through the eyes of two groovy snails. After faithfully following God’s lead alongside heroes of the Old Testament, Bink and Slinky are now living peacefully at the Good News Camp Ground with their children. Imagine their surprise when on a cold Christmas Eve they find a letter written in the sky with one final set of instructions from God. The rest, as they say, is history… His-story. Bink and Slinky’s Christmas Adventure is the third book in the Bink & Slinky series, which includes Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure and Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure.

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Bink and Slinky's Pyramid Adventure

Three things will last forever–Faith, Hope, and Love. And the greatest of these is Love. 

What does this well-known teaching have to do with the story of Joseph and his jittery, jam-packed journey into the Land of the Pharaohs? This is the second book in the Bink and Slinky series that started with Donna Frisinger’s award-winning picture book, Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure. Now God sends his two fearless snails on assignment once again. This time they must help Joseph fulfill his destiny before something called the “Great-Hunger” begins.
From prison to palace–from mud to a chalice–certain doom seems to await Bink and Slinky from the moment they meet Joseph in the pit of the Ol’ Canaan Well: Bully-Bad Brothers! Mad-Monster Hippos! Lip-Smacking Cats! Bratty Fat-Rats!
But as both Joseph, and the snails, face one tricky-trap-test after another, they encourage Joseph to hang on to his FAITH, to HOPE always, and to fatefully and finally choose LOVE.
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Bink and Slinky's Ark Adventure

The Garden of Chewies has everything Bink and Slinky could hope for, but everything changes when they discover a message from God! To fulfill God’s request Bink and Slinky set out in search of something they’ve never seen before! Facing unusual creatures and overcoming their own jitters, Bink and Slinky forge ahead in their quest to find Noah’s Ark. Will they reach the ark in time? Read Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure and find out! Winner of a Mom’s Choice Award and Literary Classics Award, Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure is the first installment of this beautifully illustrated faith-based series by Donna Arlynn Frisinger.​

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A Transistor Christmas

It’s been said that Christmas is for children: the sparkle, the smells, the songs, the squeals of delight when magically wrapped presents suddenly appear beneath the tree with our name on them. But at what point in a child’s life does the giving of those gifts suddenly become more important than receiving them? When making someone else smile outweighs our own “gimme-gimme, ” to transition into the wide-eyed anticipation of seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they unwrap a carefully planned surprise from us? This is the story of A Transistor Christmas, a timeless tribute to the fact that everyone is a child on Christmas morning and testament to how it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

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