Donna Arlynn Marie Austgen Frisinger 

Donna loves to introduce herself to children using her full name because each title represents a prominent piece of her life’s story. She’s invested her life : Multi Award-Winning Children’s Author and Poet, Entertainer-Extraordinaire, Teacher, Evangelist, Church Planter, Award-Winning Dance Team Director, All-Around Trail-Blazer, Best-Aunt-in-the-Galaxy, Wacky-Winsome Wife,  Steadfast Warrior and Precocious Princess of the Most High God.

Her debut picture book, Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure—the tale of two groovy snails on assignment from God to find Noah’s Ark—won the Gold MOM’S Choice Award and two First-Place Prizes in the International Literary Classics Book Competition for “Best First Picture Book” and “Best Faith-Based Book.” Since then, this book and its sequels, along with her picture book for older kids, A Transistor Christmas, have garnered multiple accolades.

Earning her BS from Butler University and her MA from Indiana University, she has taught thousands of children over the course of her life, both within and outside the traditional classroom. Her dance teams have also won multiple state and national titles, which led to her being named Indiana’s Dance Educator of the Year in 2016.

As a freelancer, Donna’s published multiple times in Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr, Mature Living, War Cry, American Legion Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Ideals Christmas Books, Christian Communicator, Guidepost Books, and a half-dozen anthologies.

 She and her life-long Prince Charming, Barry, reside in their humble castle in Rochester, Indiana, where they enjoy hiking and riding their trusty steeds (retro-look Schwinn bicycles) throughout the lay of the land.

Most Recent Awards 

2020 SILVER Medal Illumination Awards (Holiday)  A Transistor Christmas

2020 GOLDEN SCROLL AWARD . . .  First-Place Children’s Fiction Book of the Year

2020 BRONZE Medal Illumination Awards (Holiday)   Bink And Slinky’s Christmas Adventure

2020 KIDZLIT Conference . . . Honorable Mention You’re My Perfect

2019 2nd Place Wright Medal North Carolina Conference— Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure

2019 2nd Place Wright Medal—NC Conference—MG Novel—Monkey In The Middle

2019 2nd Place Tar Heel Award—Short NF— NC Conference—“Are My Ears On Straight

2019 First-Place Trophy—North Texas Book Festival for A Transistor Christmas

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