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It’s been said that Christmas is for children: the sparkle, the smells, the songs, the squeals of delight when magically wrapped presents suddenly appear beneath the tree with our name on them. But at what point in a child’s life does the giving of those gifts suddenly become more important than receiving them? When making someone else smile outweighs our own “gimme-gimme, ” to transition into the wide-eyed anticipation of seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they unwrap a carefully planned surprise from us? This is the story of A Transistor Christmas, a timeless tribute to the fact that everyone is a child on Christmas morning and testament to how it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

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“Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” rang out loud and proud through the ruby red gizmo I balanced in the palm of my hand for the first time that cold December day ….”

Tucked away in Small-Town, America, the turbulent years of the 60’s proved to be a magical time to grow up for author Donna Austgen Frisinger who, thanks to a first-time babysitting job, earned the money to buy her mother the ground-breaking 1960’s transistor radio, no bigger than a deck of cards.

From the rock ‘n’ roll thrills of “American Bandstand” to the hide-your-eyes chills of “Shock Theater,” complimented by the beautiful acrylics of award-winning illustrator Vicki Guess, what Donna learned that Christmas season changed her life forever, and is a story that will touch your heart to reflect upon your own childhood transitions when anything and everything seemed possible.






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